about Daikoku



Daikoku Restaurant (Fiji) Ltd.  – Brief History –

1995 : Established

May 1995 : Open Nadi Shop (Nadi Town)

Dec 1998 : Open Suva Shop

Feb 2007 : Closed Nadi Shop (Nadi Town) for Relocation

Jul 2007 : Re-Open Nadi Shop -Relocated (Martintar)

Sep 2012 : Open Sushi Express (Take-Away Sushi Kiosk)

Until now….

– Company Policy –

1. Following Visitor’s Rule

We, Japanese, are visitor in Fiji,  therefore we are going to do something which only Japanese can do, such as running Japanese Restaurant, introducing good phase of Japanese custom and culture, etiquette etc.. We do not interfere (or compete unnecessarily) local business. We are going to do something good (or profitable) for Fiji’s future development through our business, such as training independent local employees, promoting local employment.  

2. keeping suitable business size

We consider that the improvement of skill and awareness against their responsibility of local employees will bring us an opportunity to expand our business. We won’t stop challenging but we will keep suitable business size as well according to our ability/capability.   

3.  Being proud of our responsibility

We do NOT do our business for being a slave for money. As a return of fair trading with our effort, we proudly receive money as a proof of satisfaction. We do not have any cunning trading and unfaithful business. “Development of such respectable human resources” and “Continuation in business” are important our responsibilities as an industry member. We proudly carry out daily duty for those mission.